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Through-Tubing Well Intervention Tools

Tempress® is a division of Oil States Energy Services.  The company rents tools for extended reach and depleted well service through OSES and BHI locations throughout North America.

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Tempress® tools are used for extended reach milling, well stimulation, downhole phase separation, and jet cleaning.  These tools are available thoughout North America through Oil States Energy Services, Trican and Baker Hughes Inc. tool rental.
Extended reach milling of bridge plugs and ball seats - over 10,000 ft horizontal reach. U.S. Patent 8,528,649 and international patents pending
Clean and stimulate extended reach wells with chemicals, solvents or acid in one trip. Fast and effective sand cleanout with coiled tubing to over 10,000 feet horizontal reach. U.S. patent 8,528,649 and international patents pending.
These tools allow extra water or gas flow for better hole cleaning during milling operations with PDM motors.
High-pressure jet milling of, sand or barite fill, scale, paraffin and hydrates. These tools are also used for openhole blasting to remove drilling damage with or without acid. The Jet TurboDrill is available for milling hard scale or cement.
Provide high-power acoustic energy to flush fines from near the wellbore. Gas and fluid-powered tools are available.
News & Updates

SC-HydroPull™ Offshore Asphaltene Cleanout

August 24, 2015 | by JK Admin

The customer had shut in a high-asphaltenic, offshore gas well in early 2010 and wished to clean the well in preparation for temporary abandonment in 2015.  The water depth was 3853-ft and the gas sand was located at 18,225 to...

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Demonstrated Hydropull Effectiveness

February 5, 2015 | by JK Admin

Case History, McMullen County, TX Casing 5 ½” 23 lb PBTD 15,473’ 2” Coil Tubing 23 8K plugs plus 1 Kill Plug We received this report from the field, once again demonstrating the effectiveness of the HydroPull, saving time and...

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Milling plugs left in the well by the competition

September 3, 2014 | by JK Admin

Casing 5 ½” 23 lb. PBTD – 15,621′ 2” CT Unit 29 8K plugs Our competition was on the well and unable to reach bottom with their downhole coil agitation tool. They had friction lock up at 14,315’ while pumping...

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HydroPull® Tools

Run in over 10,000 wells in the U.S., Canada and the Middle East since their introduction in 2010. The primary application is milling of composite bridge plugs and ball seats in extended reach horizontal shale completions. These tools have extended the horizontal reach of coiled tubing well intervention to over 10,000 ft. U.S. Patents 8,528,649 and 8,939,217 and International Patents pending.