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Headache-Free Well Intervention from Tempress Technologies. Get the job done in one run.

Tempress Technologies

A division of OSES
Proven, effective and reliable thru-tubing solutions in long and short laterals

With tools in 45 locations worldwide and counting, Tempress provides extended reach and downhole gas phase separation rental solutions to the global oil and gas industry.

When your well intervention operation hits a snag – everyone at the well site stops working until you can pull the bottomhole assembly and start all over again. A thousand dollars saved on a cheaper option can add up to tens of thousands lost when your agitation device doesn’t have the power to reach bottom in one run. Why roll the dice? Invest in Tempress to better guarantee smooth well interventions and an on-track AFE.

Tempress was born out of the need for better technology – we’ve created a proven solution to overcome friction during milling and cleanouts in horizontal wellbores and depleted well service. Our exclusive products are more powerful, efficient and reliable than traditional competitor tools. We back our products with swift delivery, application software and training, and around the clock technical support.

99% Reliability

For tough challenges, operators count on field-proven HydroPull™ and Motor Gas Separator technology from Tempress. Our well intervention systems take your BHA as far as you want to reach… without limits and with over 99% reliability. See Our Competition Brochure

94 Plugs milled
in one trip

In the Midland Basin of West Texas, HydroPull™ technology was used in an extreme-reach well to mill out 94 frac plugs with coiled tubing in a plug-and-perf completion. All 94 plugs were milled in less than 66 hours without tripping and without short trips, saving the customer tens of thousands of dollars in well costs. See Case History

44,000 Runs

Field-proven technology from Tempress takes your BHA as far as you want to reach…without limits. Our tools have been run in over 44,000 horizontal wells worldwide. That’s enough footage to wrap around the Earth more than 1.5 times!

$100,000 Saved

In West Texas, an operator’s past plug mill out operations possessing similar lateral lengths typically required multiple trips to change out BHA components. This record-setting job involved milling out a total of 72 composite frac plugs, without incident and in a single HydroPull™ run, saving the customer $106,250 in well costs. See Case History

Case Histories

HydroPull™: Extended Reach Milling

The most powerful friction-breaking tool on the market consistently breaks industry records!

  • Pulls tubing into long tortuous wells 20 feet per minute or more
  • Completes multi-day extreme reach jobs without tripping
  • Increases lateral reach by more than 50%
  • Reduces friction drag and costly motor stall-outs, without chemicals

MGS™ Motor Gas Separator: Downhole Phase Separation

The most effective downhole phase separator in the industry.

  • Ensures good circulation in depleted wells
  • High temperature compatible to more than 400°F
  • Powered by proprietary analysis software
  • Prevents stator damage by removing free nitrogen from the flow through the motor

HydroPull™ SC: Stimulation and Cleanout Tool

Modified HydroPull, equipped with jet nozzles that dislodge fill, packed sand, tar, paraffin, and hard scale.

  • Creates intense pressure pulses to vacuum the wellbore
  • Perfectly suited for acid and solvent squeezes deep into the formation
  • Pulls fines and debris from behind the completion and out of the formation

JetRotor™: High Pressure Jet Milling

Safely remove mineral scale to stimulate well completions with no risk to production tubing or downhole equipment.

  • Greater range and effectiveness than conventional wash nozzles
  • Operates at the highest power and pressure levels in the industry
  • Patented open-flow seal design virtually eliminates power losses due to leakage and friction

“The Tempress® HydroPull™ is the most reliable, effective extended reach tool on the market. It is a valuable part of our Through-Tubing milling assemblies, ensuring that we consistently outperform the competition and get to bottom in one trip, North America wide.”

Product Line Manager, Big 3 Service Company, Well Intervention

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