Who we are

Tempress® was founded to develop advanced hydraulic tools for well intervention and drilling. Tempress® became a wholly owned subsidiary of Oil States Energy Services (OSES) on December 14, 2012. Our tools are rented on an exclusive third party basis though OSES and our strategic partners Baker Hughes Inc. and Trican Well Services.

What We Do

Our through-tubing well intervention tools are now used throughout the U.S. and Canada for extended reach milling, well stimulation, downhole phase separation, and jet cleaning. We manufacture our own tools and supply them on a consignment basis to our partners who provide the field service. The company maintains an active research and development program to develop the next generation of tools.

How We Do It

Tempress® tool manufacturing and rental operations are managed from our facility in Renton, Washington. Any of our tools can be shipped overnight to most locations in North America. Tempress® also supplies tools to select locations in the Middle East, North Africa and Russia. Used rental tools are thoroughly inspected and redressed before they are returned to service. The company maintains a tool rental database and traceable records of material certifications, manufacturing specifications, thread inspection certifications and redress reports for all tools supplied to customers.

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