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Demonstrated Hydropull Effectiveness

February 5, 2015 | by JK Admin

Case History, McMullen County, TX

Casing 5 ½” 23 lb
PBTD 15,473’
2” Coil Tubing
23 8K plugs plus 1 Kill Plug

We received this report from the field, once again demonstrating the effectiveness of the HydroPull, saving time and money to our customers. “Our competition was on the well and was unable to reach bottom leaving 4 plugs in the well. They were pumping 2 gl per 10 bbl on ultra-lube and a beca-lube slug ever 50 bbl and still had lock up.  OSES was asked to take over and to rig up with the HydroPull.  Our running weight at 13,880’ was 3k to 4k moving at 20 fpm with no lube used at this point.  A slug was sent at 14,230’; the first plug was tagged at 14,478’ and drilled without any stalls and a running weight of 3k to 4k at 15 fpm.  The remaining 3 plugs were drilled at 14,722’ 14,491’, and 15,212’ with only 1 stall. We tagged PBDT at 15,473’ with 4K running weight at 8 fpm.  The average wash time between plugs was 33 minutes, and average drill times were 5 min.  We rigged up on the 2nd well on the pad and drilled all plug with less chemicals being used compared competition’s 1st run on the previous well.  We finished the well with positive running weight and reaching PBDT.