Case History: HydroPull™

Extended-Reach Bridge Plug Milling in the Eagle Ford Shale Using Powerful HydroPull™ Tool

This job involved milling 15 composite bridge plugs from 5-in. (127 mm) casing in an Eagle Ford Shale horizontal well with TVD of 14,430 ft. (4,400 m) and MD of 18,510 ft. (5,640 m).

The well’s bottom hole temperature was 325°F (163°C). The first 9 plugs were milled without a HydroPull™ tool resulting in progress stopping at 16,820 ft. (5,127 m) MD because of friction lockup of the 1 3/4-in. (44 mm) coiled tubing.

The Operator was familiar with the power of the 2 7/8-in. (73 mm) HydroPull™ tool and it was rigged up in the BHA above a PDM and a mill and operated at 1.5 bpm to 1.75 bpm (238 lpm to 278 lpm) to remove the last 6 plugs without stalling or incident. The plug-to-plug milling and tripping time efficiency increased during milling of the last 6 plugs.

The well TD was reached at 4,080 ft. (1,244 m), representing an extended horizontal reach of 70%.

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