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Case History: SC-HydroPull Stimulation & Cleaning Tool

Extreme Reach Cleanout

April 17, 2013 | by Admin

This job involved three wells that required sand cleanout in 5.5-in. (140-mm) casing at an extended reach of 6950, 7170 and 8009 ft (2118, 2185 and 2441 m). A 2.88-in. (73-mm) HydroPull™ tool with a motor was run in these wells on 2-in. (51-mm) coil at 2.75 bpm (437 lpm). TD was reached on all three wells. A coiled tubing friction lockup model was run for each well trajectory. On the longest well trajectory, shown below, the model predicted coil lockup at a measured depth of 13,060 ft (3981 m), assuming a default value for the coil/casing wall friction coefficient. The HydroPull™ tool enabled the coil to reach TD at 15,239 ft (4645 m), which is 3179 ft (969 m) beyond the predicted lockup point. On the 8009-ft (2441-m) lateral, this represents a minimum 52% increase in lateral reach.