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Case History: HydroPull

New record extended reach CPB millout – 9260 foot horizontal

August 16, 2013 | by JK Admin

The customer needed to mill out five composite bridge plugs in the toe of a long horizontal Marcellus Shale.  The well casing was 5-1/2 inch with a vertical depth of 7720 feet and measured depth of 16,982 feet.   This job was completed on 2 inch coiled tubing using a 2-7/8″ diameter standard-impact  HydroPull tool, Baker Hughes Xtreme motor and five blade mill.

The job was simulated using the HydroPull job planning software, which predicted a maximum horizontal reach of 9700 feet. Without the HydroPull  tool, the software predicted lockup due to coiled tubing buckling at 5500 feet.

The tool was run at 2.5 bpm.  The average plug milling time was 25 minutes and the total job duration was under  two days.

The extended reach of 9260 feet represents a new record for a coiled tubing millout and a 70% increase in horizontal reach on this well.