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Case History: SC-HydroPull Stimulation & Cleaning Tool

New record extended reach fill cleanout with coiled tubing – 10,600 foot horizontal

August 28, 2013 | by JK Admin

Two shallow, extended reach wells on the North Slope of Alaska required fill cleanouts.   The TVD of the first well was 3800 feet with a measured depth of 14,400 feet for a total  horizontal extent of 10,600 feet.   The horizontal extent of the second well was 10,466 feet.    Both wells were completed with 4-1/2-inch casing.

Prior attempts to reach total depth to clean fill out of these wells with 2-inch diameter coil and a tractor device were unsuccessful.

Both jobs were completed using a 2-1/8-inch HydroPull® tool run on 2-inch coil with a flow rate of 2.2 bpm.   The HydroPull®
job planning software indicated lockup without the tool at 10,000 ft MD.  The average annular flow velocity was 190 fpm, which is marginal for cuttings transport in a shallow inclined well, however the pulsed annular flow provided by the tool ensured adequate cuttings transport and both jobs were completed without incident.  Total job time was 1 day for the first well and 2 days for the second well.