MGS™ Motor Gas Separator: Downhole Phase Separation

MGS™ Motor Gas Separator: Downhole Phase Separation

Downhole phase separation, made possible with the Tempress MGS tool, is used to allow optimum flow rates for the downhole motor while bypassing any gas that may be used to lift the well.

Key Features:

High-Efficiency Gas Separation

  • Prevents stator damage by removing free nitrogen from the flow through the motor
  • Reduces nitrogen damage to stators
  • Prevents motor overspeed
  • Extends motor life

Rotary Drum Separator

  • Compact length simplifies make-up of the BHA
  • Accommodates severe doglegs and multilateral completions
  • Compatible with common well service fluids
  • All units are sour gas compatible

High Reliability

  • Multi-day extreme reach jobs without tripping
  • More than 99% downhole success rate

MGS™ Operation Guide
An operation guide, included with the MGS tool, explains how to change out the gas orifice and provides cleaning and inspection procedures for multiple runs between redresses.

Motor Gas Separator Performance Software
A proprietary analysis program supplied with the MGS tool allows the operator to select the best separator performance range for the job. Once all pertinent parameters of the job requirements are entered, the program outputs the optimum performance and operational ranges. More information about the Software’s capability is described in the Tempress Software Brochure in the Software section. Access to the software is provided to our customer base in the Client Login area on this website.

How It Works

The MGS tool incorporates a rotary drum separator that removes the gas from energized flow before it reaches the downhole motor.

Bypassing the gas allows operation of the motor at its design flow rate while simultaneously running high gas flow rates.

The gas port in the MGS tool can be sized as needed in the field to accommodate well conditions and gas flow rate.

At a Glance

The Tempress MGS tool is the most effective downhole phase separator in the industry.

  • Ensures good circulation in depleted wells
  • High temperature compatible to more than 400°F
  • Powered by proprietary analysis software


  • Fishing
  • Extended-reach well service
  • Coiled and Jointed Tubing
  • Acidizing
  • Composite bridge plug milling
  • Chemical placement
  • Ball seat milling
  • Screen and perforation cleaning
  • Sand cleanout
  • Scale removal
  • Valve shifting
  • Depleted well service

Product Support

Project planning software and modeling tools
Training – in person and online
24/7 technical support – online, on-site and by telephone

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