HydroPull™: Extended Reach Milling

HydroPull™: Extended Reach Milling

When you’re cleaning out your well or milling composite frac plugs miles below the surface, you can either hope for the best or guarantee the best possible outcome with the HydroPull™, the most powerful friction- breaking tool on the market.

With the HydroPull™ tool, you can mill more frac plugs and clean-out extreme laterals in a single run without having to do a second or third trip to replace BHA components.

The technology is sophisticated but the concept is simple – if you need to move a garden hose up a grassy hill, would you push it or pull it? A pushed hose will buckle almost immediately – the same physics apply to plug milling and wellbore cleanouts during long horizontal runs deep below the surface. Use of the HydroPull™ tool saves operators countless hours of rig time by pulling the BHA in the well at 20 ft/min or more and by delaying the onset of helical buckling and lockup.

The HydroPull tool consistently breaks industry records for extended reach applications.


Frac plugs milled in a single run – no short trips

Location: Permian Basin
Lateral Length: 13,913 feet
Measured Depth: 22,657 feet

Competitor Analysis: Friction Breaking Tools

The Tempress HydroPull™ Tool
Fluidic Flow Modulation Tool
Rotary Valve Pulse Tool with Rotor/Stator
Most powerful friction-breaking tool on the market
Lowest pressure differential on the market
Minimal or no elastomeric components
Compatible with high BHT >400°F
Highly effective in extreme, extended reach laterals
Relatively short length
Most reliable friction breaking tool on the market
Nitrogen compatible
High chemical compatibility
No moving parts
Wide operating range
Fully tunable for various impact levels
Pulls the tubing in the well at >20 ft/min
Enhances the MWD signal

How It Works

The HydroPull tool incorporates a cycling valve that momentarily interrupts the flow to create water-hammer pressure pulses inside coiled or jointed tubing used in horizontal well interventions.

The water-hammer effect generates traction forces that pull the tubing into the well at 20 ft/min (6 m/min) or more.

These periodic pulses also vibrate the tubing, which reduces friction drag and extends the lateral reach of the tubing by delaying the onset of helical buckling and lockup.

The HydroPull tool is typically run above a downhole motor for milling applica­tions. The tool is fully tunable for various impact levels and custom applications.

A proprietary software program is available for HydroPull tool job planning. The software evaluates circulating pressures in the well and horizontal reach capabilities based on a set of input parameters. The program also calculates pump pressure requirements, the transport of sand and cuttings in the horizontal and vertical sections of the well, predicted lockup, and the rate at which the tool will pull tubing into the well. More information about the Software’s capability is described in the Tempress Software Brochure in the Software section. Access to the software is provided to our customer base in the Client Login area on this website.

At a Glance

  • Pulls tubing into long tortuous wells at a rate of 20 feet per minute or more
  • Completes multi-day extreme reach jobs without tripping
  • Mill 70+ plugs in one run
  • Mill 48+ plugs per day
  • 99% downhole reliability
  • Increases lateral reach by more than 50%
  • Reduces friction drag and costly motor stall-outs, without chemicals
  • Nitrogen and Polymer Gel compatible
  • Works with small coil and high-pressure wells
  • High temperature compatible to more than 400°F


  • Fishing
  • Extended-reach well service
  • Coiled and Jointed tubing
  • Acidizing
  • Composite bridge plug milling
  • Chemical placement
  • Ball seat milling
  • Screen and perforation cleaning
  • Sand cleanout
  • Scale removal
  • Valve shifting
  • Depleted well service

Product Support

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24/7 technical support online, on-site and by phone

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