HydroPull™ SC Stimulation & Cleanout Tool

HydroPull™ SC Stimulation & Cleanout Tool

HydroPull SC (Stimulation & Cleanout) is a modified HydroPull engineered with jet nozzles that momentarily interrupt return flow in the completion annulus to create intense water-hammer pressure pulses that vacuum the wellbore, pulling fines and debris from behind completions and out of the formation.

Case Histories have demonstrated increased production from acid and solvent squeeze treatments using the HydroPull SC.

A proprietary software program is available for HydroPull tool job planning. The software evaluates circulating pressures in the well and horizontal reach capabilities based on a set of input parameters. The program also calculates pump pressure requirements, the transport of sand and cuttings in the horizontal and vertical sections of the well, predicted lockup, and the rate at which the tool will pull tubing into the well. More information about the Software’s capability is described in the Tempress Software Brochure in the Software section. Access to the software is provided to our customer base in the Client Login area on this website.

How It Works

HydroPull SC is configured with a bullnose or a carbide hammer bit nozzle with multiple jets to dislodge fill, packed sand, tar, paraffin, and hard scale.

Pulsation of the return flow moves sand and debris in the horizontal and inclined sections of the well. The tool also pulls tubing into extreme reach horizontal wells at 20 ft/min (6 m/min) or more.

When the well is allowed to circulate flow, the tool generates alternating suction and pressurized pulses over a large area of the completion. The induced flow flushes debris out from behind complex screened comple­tions and pulls fines out of the near wellbore formation.

For shut-in wells, the valve allows acid or other stimulation fluid to flow and pulsate more than 100 feet into the formation – pulse energy four miles down the string is detectable on the surface!

At a Glance

  • Jet nozzles momentarily interrupt return flow in the completion annulus
  • The tool creates intense pressure pulses to vacuum the wellbore
  • The vacuum pulls fines and debris from behind the completion and out of the formation
  • Perfectly suited for acid and solvent squeezes deep into the formation


  • Coiled and Jointed Tubing
  • Cement milling
  • Sand and fill cleanout
  • Scale cleanout
  • Acidizing
  • Sand screen flushing
  • Perforation cleaning
  • Scale removal
  • Depleted well service

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