Water Bypass Sub

Water Bypass Sub

When the removal of extra sand and debris requires pushing your downhole motor to the max, rest assured that you have more flow available with the Water Bypass Sub from Tempress Technologies. With the WBS tool, operators can run higher flow rates in large well bores and horizontals and fully clean the well without over-speeding their motors.

Key Features

Analysis Software
A proprietary analysis program supplied with the Water Bypass Sub allows the operator to select the correct port size for the job. Integrated into the MGS™ software, once all pertinent parameters of the job are entered, the program allows the user to select the appropriate orifice size by calculating and displaying key performance characteristics.

Carbide Inserts
Bypass orifices have carbide inserts for consistent performance on long runs.  These inserts have been proven to survive weighted fluids or abrasive additives.

How It Works

This simple sub has two to six ports that bypass fluid to the annulus of the BHA.

This allows pumping flow rates that are higher than the allowable ratings for motors or other equipment connected below.

The tool’s compact length does not impact make-up of the BHA.

At a Glance

  • No moving parts
  • No through flow restrictions
  • Field adjustable bypass flow
  • Used with PDMs, HydroPull™, HydroPull™ SC, and JetRotor™ tools
  • Multiport configurations provide some well bore jet cleaning
  • Compatible with common well service fluids
  • Gas compatible with nitrogen and air
  • High temperature compatible up to 570°F (300°C)


  • Coiled and Jointed tubing
  • Acidizing
  • Sand and fill cleanout
  • Wellbore jetting
  • Scale cleanout
  • Cement removal
  • Depleted well service
  • Commingled flow

Product Support

Project planning software and modeling tools
Training – in person and online
24/7 technical support – online, on-site and by telephone

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