Tempress Technologies

Engineering Services

Application Software and Training

Tempress® provides single- and multi-phase coiled tubing flow circulation models for each tool.  These models calculate pump pressure , bottomhole circulating pressure and cuttings transport in the vertical and horizontal sections of the well based on fluid rate, coil size and well geometry.

Training on the use of Tempress® well circulation software is available for customers planning to run Tempress® tools.

Contact Tempress® for assistance in planning well interventions using any of our tools, custom tools or tool combos.


Custom Tool Development

For well intervention operations that require the development of specialized tooling, Tempress® provides design build and application support for any fluid or gas powered well intervention tools.

Our Experience includes:

  • nozzle designs for single phase, multiphase, acid or solvent
  • hydraulically actuated knuckle joints
  • gas powered tools for depleted wells
  • ultra-high-pressure jet drilling
  • high temperature turbine motors
  • fluid turbine motors
  • gas turbine motors
  • downhole speed reduction transmissions
  • downhole pressure intensifier for coiled tubing
  • ultra-high-pressure water cannons