JetRotor™ High Pressure Jet Milling

JetRotor™ High Pressure Jet Milling

Removing mineral scale is an essential part of the well intervention process, but a single misstep can damage hard-to-reach equipment and well components miles below the surface, sometimes leading to abandonment.  The Tempress JetRotor tool removes mineral scale safely and quickly to stimulate well completions without damaging production tubing or downhole equipment.

The JetRotor tool is compatible with a broad range of fluids making it applicable in almost all coiled tubing well service jobs. The design is highly compact, which greatly simplifies transport, BHA make-up and job execution.

How It Works

The patented open-flow seal design virtually eliminates power losses due to leakage and friction. This seal design ensures that maximum hydraulic power is delivered to the jets.

  • Delivers greater range and effectiveness than conventional wash nozzles, 2.12 in. (54mm)
  • Effectively and efficiently cleans screens and perforations
  • Flow conditioners in nozzle heads ensure a coherent jet
  • Acid blast provides uniform acid delivery during acid squeeze and multistage foam diversion acid squeeze
  • Nozzle heads and nozzles are field-changeable for specific applications

At a Glance

High-Pressure, High-Power Jets
Operates at the highest power and pressure levels available in the industry

Routinely used in severe 400°F/200°C sour gas environments

Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Construction
Fully acid capable  — delivers uniform acid blast
Can run on energized fluids including nitrogen and carbon dioxide

Available Sizes:
1.69 in. (43 mm)
2.06 in. (52 mm)
2.12 in. (54 mm).


  • Coiled and Jointed Tubing
  • Sand screen flushing
  • Cement removal
  • Openhole stimulation
  • Perforation cleaning
  • Depleted well service
  • Commingled flow
  • Well Obstruction Removal
    • Soft mineral scale
    • Barite sag
    • Paraffin
    • Hard-packed sand

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