Case History: HydroPull™

Oil States Thru Tubing Group Saves Major Midland Basin Operator Over $1.2m

Case Study: Wolfcamp/Spraberry Formations, in Reagan/Monahans/Midland/Glasscock/Pecos Counties, TX

Oil States Energy Services (OSES) Thru Tubing group combined its state of the art THRESHEr™ Motor Series and the Tempress HydroPull™ to replace the competition.  The operator was utilizing the HydroPull technology with another thru tubing provider and was satisfied with their composite frac plug (CFP) drill-out performance. The operator agreed to allow the Oil States Thru Tubing group to analyze its drill-out performance, including hydraulics, sweep schedule, short trip frequency, BHA components, HydroPull configuration, motor torque and rpm, fluid rheology, flow rate, and bit type. Oil States proposed changes to the operator’s program, estimated to save the operator approximately one-half day of spread rate per drill-out, or $40,000 per well. Based on these economics, the operator granted Oil States a three well trial.

Oil States performed the three well trial with more favorable economics than originally proposed. The OSES Thru Tubing group simplified the 3 18-in. BHA, optimized the motor and bit combination by employing the Oil States THRESHEr™ High Torque Motor Series, and configured the HydroPull to maximize drill out efficiencies.

Drill times were significantly reduced and debris recovery was improved drastically, resulting in a $1.2m savings over a fifteen well program. The operator estimates Oil States will shave approximately $9.0m annually from their CFP drill out costs, or one day per drill out.












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