Case History: HydroPull™ SC Stimulation and Cleanout

Extreme Reach Cleanout with HydroPull™ Tool

This job involved three wells that required sand cleanout in 5 1/2-in. (140 mm) casing at an extended reach of 6,950 ft., 7,170 ft., and 8,009 ft. (2,118 m, 2,185 m and 2,441 m). A 2 7/8-in. (73 mm) HydroPull™ tool with a PDM was run in these wells on 2-in. (51 mm) coiled tubing at a flow rate of 2.75 bpm (437 lpm).

To assist in the Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) process, a Tempress HydroPull Job Performance Software friction lockup model was run for each well trajectory. On the longest well trajectory, the model predicted coiled tubing lockup at a measured depth of 13,060 ft. (3,981 m), assuming a default value for the coil/casing wall friction coefficient.

The HydroPull™ tool enabled the coiled tubing string to reach TD at 15,239 ft. (4,645 m), which represents 3,179 ft (969 m) beyond the predicted lockup depth of 13,060 ft. (3,981 m). In the 8,009 ft. (2,441 m) lateral, the HydroPull™ was able to achieve a 52% increase in lateral reach beyond predicted lockup. TD was reached in all three wells.

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