Case History: Motor Gas Separator (MGS™)

South Texas Depleted Well Cleanout of 2 7/8-in. Casing with 1 1/4-in. Coiled Tubing

This job involved the cleanout of a low pressure well possessing small diameter restrictions. The depleted well was 9,020 ft. deep well with initial wellhead pressure of 50 psi.

A 1 11/16-in. Tempress Motor Gas Separator (MGS™) and PDM were run with a 2 1/8-in. diameter bladed junk mill. Fluid was pumped at 1 bpm with 600 scfm of nitrogen plus periodic sweeps of fluid and foam.

The cleanout occurred without incident and the total job time was 9 hours. This typical job illustrates the ability to run a Tempress Motor Gas Separator (MGS™) above a PDM, allowing the motor to operate at its design flow rate while adding nitrogen at a rate sufficient to maintain circulation in the well.

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