Case History: HydroPull™ SC Stimulation and Cleanout

Prudhoe Bay Extended Reach Fill Cleanout with Coiled Tubing in 10,600 Ft. Horizontal

Two shallow, extended reach wells on the North Slope of Alaska required fill cleanouts.   The TVD of the first well was 3,800 feet with a measured depth of 14,400 ft. for a total  horizontal extent of 10,600 ft.  The horizontal extent of the second well was 10,466 ft. Both wells were completed with 4 1/2-inch casing.

Prior attempts to clean fill out of these wells and to reach total depth with 2-in. diameter coil and a tractor device were unsuccessful.

Both jobs were completed using a 2 1/8-in. HydroPull™ tool run on 2-in. coil with a flow rate of 2.2 bpm.   The HydroPull™ job planning software indicated lockup without the tool at 10,000 ft. MD.  The average annular flow velocity was 190 fpm, which is marginal for cuttings transport in a shallow inclined well, however the pulsed annular flow provided by the HydroPull tool ensured adequate cuttings transport and both jobs were completed without incident. 

Total job time was 1 day for the first well and 2 days for the second well.

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