Case History: HydroPull™

Tempress HydroPull™ Tool Replaces Competition and Gains 13 Additional Stages During Difficult Plug Millout Program in Canada

Case Study, Montney Formation, Northern Alberta, Canada

Casing 5-½-in. set from 0 ft. to 9,763 ft. (2,976 m)
Casing 4-½-in. set from 9,763 ft. to 21,391 ft. (2,976 m to 6,520 m)
Lateral Length 11,286 ft.
PBTD 21,391 ft. MD (6,519 m)
2 ⅜-in. Coil Tubing

A major operator in the Canadian Montney Formation called upon the Tempress HydroPull to mill out plugs left by the competition in a 11,286 ft. (3,440 m) lateral. The initial run was attempted by a competitive rotor/stator agitation device until friction lockup occurred at 19,422 ft. (5,920 m) while encountering 26,437 lbs. (11,760 daN) negative running weight. The competitive agitation device was tripped out of the hole and replaced with the powerful HydroPull tool.

The HydroPull™ tool was RIH at 49 ft./min. (15m/min.) past the previous lockup depth and reached TD at 21,391 ft. MD (6,520 m) with a positive running weight of 12,364 lbs. (5,500 daN). Eight additional stages were opened over 1,680 ft. (600 m) and seven plugs were milled adding significant production. Mill times utilizing the HydroPull™ tool averaged 5 minutes per plug and represents almost 50% reduction in mill times over the competitive rotor/stator agitation device.

The HydroPull’s performance exceeded the operator’s expectations and three additional jobs were performed with each job adding an average of 13 stages per well.

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