Case History: HydroPull™

Record Setting 75 Composite Plugs Drilled in Midland Basin with a HydroPull™ Tool in a Single Run

Case Study, Spraberry Trend, Midland County, TX

Casing 5 ½-in. 17 lb./ft.
KOP 8,800 ft. TVD; PBTD 18,525 ft. MD
2 ⅝-in. Coil Tubing
75 Composite Plugs

A major operator and long-term user of the Tempress HydroPull milled a total of 75 composite frac plugs from a horizontal lateral 9,140 ft. long to a total measured depth of 18,525 ft. The liner was 5 ½-in. and the job was run on 2 58-in. coiled tubing. The 2 78-in. BHA consisted of a weld-on coil connector, a dual back pressure valve, a set of jars, a hydraulic disconnect, an annular velocity tool, a screen sub, a 2 78-in. High Flow-High Impact Tempress HydroPull, a 2 78-in. Baker Hughes GE X-treme™ AD motor and a 4 34-in. JZ tri-cone rock bit. Only one short trip back to the KOP was utilized in conjunction with an annular ported sub to clean debris from the wellbore at 5.0 bpm. One final sweep was utilized pumping three bottoms up just prior to pulling out of the hole.

All 75 plugs were milled with minimal amounts of pipe-on-pipe and beca-lube chemical additives. Gel sweeps in volumes ranging from 5-10 bbls followed the milling of each plug. The wellhead pressure ranged from 350 to 777 psi and the circulating pressure ranged from 3,200 to 4,984 psi.

This job was completed in 71.5 hours and the average plug milling time was 11 minutes per plug.







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